the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society Symposium
Participation in the spring symposium of the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society

Last Feb 22th, HansPharma announced that they newly introduced a new brand, klardie skinbooster product on 2022 Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society, Spring International Symposium, which is held at Yang-jae aT Center on the 20th.

This symposium is a large-scale symposium that showcases the latest knowledge in cosmetic medicine and various new cosmetic medical devices. It was a success with the participation of 165 booths and 1,200 cosmetic plastic surgeons.

HansPharma introduced the skinbooster named klardie Cellup DIA Solution and klardie Cellup Ruby Solution for the first time at this spring international symposium.
It is a product that provides a specialized solution for moisturizing and radiance with the key ingredient ‘Hyalusome’, which is developed based on incomparable HA crosslinking technology.  

In addition, in the petit session with the theme of 'Preventive Approach for Prejuvenation', Hoseong Choi, director of Piana Clinic, who is the senior academic director of the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society, used Micro-Structure HA under the theme of 'Hyalusome, a new beginning of skin booster'. Various cases of actual clinical application and effects of moisturizing, rejuvenating, and whitening effects were disclosed.